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Unfortunately, roof rat infestation is common in Southern California, which means that you may be one of many homeowners who has heard unexplained noises coming from your attic. Contrary to what you might think, it’s actually pretty easy for rodents to gain access through your garage and other small spaces in your home. In fact, they can even access the roof through overgrown foliage. If you think you might have a rat problem, contact the experts at Wildlife Removal Services today!

Wildlife Removal Services in Southern California

Rodent proofing is something you should never think of delaying. Not only can rodents cause serious damage to your home, their feces and urine also carry disease. In fact, around 25% of house fires of unknown cause are attributed to rodent activity. We offer effective rodent exclusion and trapping services to help you avoid an infestation. There is no easy way to solve the problem, so be sure not to fall prey to the gimmicks currently on the market. Trust the professionals at Wildlife Services, and schedule your service in Temecula, San Diego, or Orange County today!

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