Humane Gopher Control in San Diego, CA

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Are you in need of gopher control services in your San Diego home’s yard or lawn?

Gophers are intruding creatures that create serious underground structures, and they may be putting your home at risk with their destruction. These burrowing rodents, also known as prairie dogs, can wreak havoc on many homes’ backyards across San Diego.

Most people see gophers, tunnels or holes in their lawns and yards, and the sooner you take control of the situation, the better. We serve all areas of San Diego County with our humane prairie dog control services.

Do I Need Gopher Control Services?

If your San Diego, Orange County, or Temecula home has holes in its yard, and/or you’ve seen gophers around, there’s a good chance you are in need of a gopher control specialist like those of us at Wildlife Removal Services. Here’s how to diagnose the problem accurately first, because you might be seeing the work of another animal.

First, if you’re seeing gophers, you’ll want to make sure you’re not mistaking this animal for a groundhog. Both rodents are brown, hairy and like to dig in holes, so it can be tough to tell them apart. If you can get close enough, you can tell the difference between the two by their teeth. A gopher’s incisors protrude from its mouth — even when it is closed — and groundhogs’ don’t. Once you’ve determined that you do have gopher(s), the next step is to look around the yard.

Next, if you’re seeing holes in the ground, you can determine the animal by the type of holes or piles you’re seeing. If you’re seeing one or more “plugged holes” in your yard, you can be sure that you have a gopher problem. Gophers dig big, extensive tunnels underneath the ground, and when they come up, the grass/dirt falls back into the lawn or yard, appearing to be a plugged hole. Sometimes, you can also see tunneling on the surface of the yard, because the grass is raised from the gopher digging. Although it can appear to be minimal, gopher tunneling can be deep and lengthy, causing a lot of damage to your yard.

On the contrary, if you are seeing small hills or piles in your yard, they may actually be from moles. Mole hills can be identified by the chunky consistency of the dirt, and as stated above, whereas gophers’ piles are typically plugged.

The more holes and signs you see, the more likely it is that gophers have created a serious underground tunnel system to reside in. In these cases, it’s more severe that you call us right away to take control of the situation.

These tips should help you to determine whether or not your home’s yard is being invaded by gophers. If you still can’t determine the cause, please call Wildlife Removal Services at 619-786-6440 immediately, so we can diagnose the problem for you, as we do with all of our customers.

How Our Gopher Control Services Work

Wildlife Removal Services of San Diego is proud to use humane trapping as our prairie dog removal technique, and we provide detailed, professional inspections, diagnoses and solutions for gopher removal in homes across San Diego County.

On our first inspection, we’ll investigate the area in which you are having a problem, and we’ll identify where the tunneling damage has been done. Prior to our visit, you can identify these areas by using the information above.

Once we’ve identified the exact tunneling damage done in your lawn or yard, we place a number of small traps, fitting the tunnels strategically. We use a humane trapping method in our gopher control services, so that we keep your pets, kids and everyone else out of harm, contrary to other poisonous methods. Your safety is in our hands, and fixing your gopher problem is at our top of mind.

We keep our traps in the tunnels anywhere between several days and up to a week, depending on the weather and severity of the situation. Once the time has passed, we’ll return to remove the dead gophers from your yard.

What to Do Next

After we’ve controlled the current gopher problem, we recommend keeping an eye on the damaged area to make sure the area doesn’t have any more intruders. Especially if you are in an area filled with wildlife, it is possible that gophers can return.

In the case that your gophers do come back, please be sure to contact us, so that we can help you control the problem affecting your home. With more severity, we may recommend follow-up visits to ensure the problem has been eliminated.

Get Rid of Your Gopher Problem Now

Perhaps you’ve found this page by typing into your smartphone something to the effect of “gopher control near me”, or maybe you heard about us from one of our many satisfied customers. Either way, if your gopher problem has been taking over your yard, it’s time to find a humane solution with Wildlife Removal Services of San Diego, the animal control experts. Take control of gophers affecting your home today!