Bat Removal and Control Services

Bats pose a danger to humans due to the various diseases they can carry, including rabies. In fact, their droppings — guano, can contaminate the soil with a fungus. As a result, you definitely don’t want bats making themselves at home in, well, your home. If you’re unsure whether you have bats in your house, there are a few signs to look for. Since they are nocturnal, watch to see if they are leaving your home around dusk or returning around dawn. Check out the crawl space in your attic to see if there are droppings or if it looks as though your insulation is disturbed.

Wildlife Removal Services in Southern California

Wildlife Removal services is proud to offer humane bat eviction, exclusion, and prevention services. We work to help conserve the bat populations while helping you remove them from your home. Bats are an invaluable resource in controlling mosquito populations, and we do our best to make sure all of our services are professional and humane. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a service.

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