Bat Removal and Control Services

Bats pose a danger to humans due to the various diseases they can carry, including rabies. In fact, their droppings — guano, can contaminate the soil with a fungus. As a result, you definitely don’t want bats making themselves at home in, well, your home. If you’re unsure whether you have bats in your house, there are a few signs to look for. Since they are nocturnal, watch to see if they are leaving your home around dusk or returning around dawn. Check out the crawl space in your attic to see if there are droppings or if it looks as though your insulation is disturbed.

Wildlife Removal Services in Southern California

Wildlife Removal services is proud to offer humane bat eviction, exclusion, and prevention services. We work to help conserve the bat populations while helping you remove them from your home. Bats are an invaluable resource in controlling mosquito populations, and we do our best to make sure all of our services are professional and humane. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a service.

Bat control involves 3 steps to insure successful outcomes:

  1. We do an inspection of the home, identifying areas of entry the bats are using, and any potential areas they may use in the future.  These areas include roofing tiles, eaves, fascia boards, attic vents, and the like.
  2. Once all the areas have been identified repairs are made to prevent any entry or exit by the bats.  The only places left open are the main exit points.  Exclusion devices such as nets, or devices known as “bat cones” are placed over the main exit points.  These devices allow the  bats to leave naturally but when they try to return the bats cannot.
  3. After all the bats have exited (after about 7 days ) the exclusion devices are taken down, and the areas are repaired.  All areas are inspected to insure that nothing has been compromised, and a limited warranty is given.

If we find bat guano during the inspection of the attic areas of the home, we will recommend cleaning the area, disinfecting, and replacing any damaged insulation.  Bat guano can be hazardous to humans, and should always be treated with care. Any bat control services provided by Wildlife Removal Services comes with a full year warranty against reentry.  Extended warranties with yearly inspections are available.