1. Rat Control In San Diego, Part Two!

    Whether you need bird control, rodent extermination, bat removal, or rat control in San Diego, we’ve got you covered here at Wildlife Removal Services. In part one of this two-part series about rats and mice in Southern California, we took a somewhat detailed look into what kind of rats exist in S…Read More

  2. Roof Rat & Mice Control In San Diego

    When it comes to San Diego animal removal service, there’s really one place to go if you want the job done right. Scratch that, there are plenty of San Diego wildlife removal companies you could call who could give you a decent quote and get the job done. But, on the other hand, how many animal co…Read More

  3. San Diego Bird Control - Why We Are The Best

    San Diego Bird Control – Why We Are The Best

    “Had some birds in my bathroom vent. Wildlife Removal Services called me back in 5 min after I left a message and come out the next day. We thought we got all the birds out, but the next day I heard the sound again. Wildlife Removal Services came back the next day, and showed that they stand behin…Read More

  4. Orange County Bat Control - All About Bats

    Orange County Bat Control – All About Bats!

    In our last post, we talked about our bat control and bat removal methods. In sum, our bat removal involves a three-step process that takes about a week to humanely and effectively remove all bats from the structure in question. We’ll be thorough with respect to how we inspect your home, carefully…Read More

  5. Rodent Control – Rat Removal San Diego County

    If you’ve never been to this blog before, we’ve got some news for you. We at Wildlife Removal Services offer wildlife removal and pest control services for San Diego County. Now, you might say that such a fact is fairly obvious, seeing as how our name is “Wildlife Removal Services” and all. …Read More