Humane, Effective, and Professional Animal Control 

Wildlife Removal Services offers industry leading wild animal and rodent control in San Diego County, Temecula County, and Orange County. We are the only wildlife removal service licensed in the San Diego County that is authorized to install Coyote Rollers.

Animal Control Services

Our services are broken down into three main categories:

  • Exclusion & Prevention – Includes the tools and services needed to keep animals from habituating in your home in the first place. Wildlife Removal Services can block or repair any animal accessible entry-points.
  • Restoration & Clean-Up – Once an animal has been removed, there is still the task of odor control, restoration or your home (typically your attic), and restoration of damaged materials, namely your insulation to building paneling.
  • Trapping & Eviction – We specialize in humane trapping and eviction methods and adhere to all state regulations. Depending on your situation, we will use one-way trapping cages, eviction fluids, netting, or even physical capture.


While it is most definitely easier to remove an animal by killing it, we here at Wildlife Removal Services believe that there’s a better way. Below, we’ll explain some of the benefits of humane animal control services. Contact us today to get started!

Animals Remain Safe

In the heat of the moment when you first see a snake, your first instinct is to kill it. Why? Because you are afraid it will harm you so you want to strike first. This is the animal’s first thoughts as well, which is why humans are harmed by animals.

However, snakes play a very important role in our ecosystem, eating millions of pests such as mice and rats collectively in a year. This saves humans millions of dollars in lost grains and other destruction these rodents can cause. With humane animal control, we’ll come out to your home and relocate the snake far from humans so it can continue to live out its live naturally in its place in the food chain.

If the Roles Were Reversed

Humans are at the top of the food chain. However, humans are at our core animals, too, who work every day to survive, just in different ways. We work hard to provide food for our families so they can grow healthy and strong and take their place in society when they are ready. The same can be said for animals, even pests, such as mice and rats. Every living creature on this planet is programmed to survive. It’s our duty as caretakers of this planet to help animals do just that.

Seeking the Long-Term Solution

Wildlife Removal Services always seeks the long-term solution to your critter control problem. For example, if you have snakes in your home, they may be there for a reason — they smell mice in your home and are chasing them. Thus, after we safely remove your unwanted snake, we’ll check for signs of mice and other critters the snake may have smelled in your home. If we find another critter, we will remove them as well.

Our exclusion and prevention services is a big part of what sets our critter control company apart from the competition. While we love our customers, we don’t want to see you anytime soon for the same problem. That is an indication that we failed the first time. Instead, we aim for the long-term solution so we only see you in the grocery store instead.


Wildlife Removal Services loves animals as much as the next person, and we do everything in our power to ensure they are removed safely for everyone involved. In addition to our exclusion and prevention services, we also offer restoration and cleanup services to clean up the mess your unwanted critters left behind.

Our mission is to ensure you feel safe and secure in your home and in your property. When you partner with us, we’ll do everything we can to rid your critters from your home or office for good. Contact our team today to learn more about our effective, humane wildlife removal and control services.