We specialize in all wildlife control

These are examples of the wildlife we see in our day to day work. Some of these animals require special training to learn how to capture or control them. Some of these animals are even protected by federal and state regulations at some times during the year. It is important for a wildlife professional to be aware of these restrictions. We are licensed by the state to provide removal services for these animals and we are insured to protect the customers we work for.

Wildlife we can help control:

Bat Control

Bats in San Diego often make there homes in man made structures such as homes and commercial buildings. As we encroach on territory bats must find new places for the colonies to reside. Their determination and resilience to changing conditions makes getting rid of bats a specialized effort.

Pigeon Control

Birds can make a mess of your property quickly. Not only are birds unsightly but they also can be a health hazard. Bird feces can carry diseases, and the birds themselves can carry pests that can affect human health.

Coyote Control

Coyotes are becoming an ever increasing problem in San Diego County. With warm weather and a drought coyotes will move closer into residential neighborhoods seeking water and food. Keeping your pets protected can be a challenge.

Raccoon Control

During Spring and summer. Raccoons in the Attic is a common problem. Mother raccoons are looking for safe places to give birth to there young. Regularly entering attics and crawlspaces. Raccoons can cause serious damage, ripping off shingles, fascia, and roof top vents.

Fox Control

Foxes living on your property should not be taken lightly. Foxes can be dangerous and extremely aggressive, and mother foxes will defend there young if they feel threatened.

Rodent Control

Rodents can cause serious even life threatening damage to your home. It is said that 25% of house fires attributed to unknown causes are from rats. Rat feces and urine can also carry diseases.The only way to keep rodents out of your home is proper rodent proofing.

Opossum Control

Opossums are common wildlife in San Diego. They carry diseases such as leptospirosis, tuberculosis. They may also be infested with fleas, ticks, mites, and lice. Opossum are hosts for cat and dog fleas, especially in urban environments.

Skunk Control

Skunks forage at night, entering yards and digging small shallow holes in search of grubs and worms. Often entering sheds and garages looking for a safe place to sleep during the day. Also entering crawlspaces and basements through unsecured openings is a common practice for skunks.

Call for the latest information. We offer wildlife removal services to nearly all types of critters so call to get a quote for any removal service you need.