1. Top 5 Myths About Coyotes featured image

    Top Myths About Coyotes

    More and more people are routinely hearing coyotes yip, bark, and howl in their backyards in urban and suburban settings. In fact, coyote sounds have become increasingly more common in a wide range of urban landscapes. With that, we’ll take a look at the top five myths about coyotes in today’s p…Read More

  2. How to Make a Wildlife-Proof Backyard featured image

    How to Make a Wildlife-Proof Backyard

    You enjoy wildlife, as long it stays where it belongs — in the wild. While it might be cool to see a herd of deer move through your property, you certainly don’t want them taking up residence. That goes for pigeons, skunks, raccoons, and more. In today’s post, we’ll cover some of the prevent…Read More

  3. 4 Tips to Keep Wildlife Out of Your Home

    Wildlife is great to observe, but it’s just that — wild. That being said, you want to be able to observe it from afar, not in your own backyard. Not only can wild animals carry diseases, but sometimes they can cause harm through poison, teeth, or claws. In today’s post, we’ll look at four ti…Read More

  4. possum control wildlife removal services san diego

    Opossum Biology

    An opossum is a whitish or grayish mammal about the size of a house cat. Its underfur is dense with sparse guard hairs. Its face is long and pointed, its ears rounded and hairless. Habitats are diverse, ranging from arid to moist, wooded to open fields. Opossums prefer environments near streams or s…Read More