coyote roller wildlife removal services san diego

Most of us love to watch wildlife, which is evidenced by the popularity of animal shows on TV. The majority of Americans have pets, and we love them like they are human children, even christening them with the name of “fur babies.” Animals, while cute, act purely on instinct. Part of this is fear. Thus, when an animal is afraid, it can try to hurt you as it sees you as a threat.

Wildlife Removal Services serves the San Diego area, including Temecula and Orange County, with the best animal control and wildlife services. When an animal wanders onto your property, such as a coyote, it may be a threat to your animals and small children. If a smaller critter invades your home, such as raccoon or snake, you need those removed ASAP. We believe in removing animals humanely, not killing them unless we have to. Thus, the majority of our wildlife removal services include some form of trapping. Below, we’ll take a look at what exactly is a Coyote Roller. Call us today for humane animal removal services in San Diego!


A Coyote Roller is the world’s best pet protection system! The Coyote Rollers are a patented ribbed roller that mounts to the top of your fence. When a coyote or other predator tries to jump your fence to attack your pets, it requires them to grab hold of the top of a fence. With Coyote Rollers in place, the animals will fall right off of your fence and will not be able to jump over.

Coyote Rollers have been installed in HUNDREDS of homes and businesses across America. They have been used to:

  • Protect family animals from predators
  • Keep animals in yards and kennels
  • Protect livestock
  • Protect chicken coops
  • Prevent birds from landing on edges of signs, billboards, and other areas (birds cannot land on them)

Coyote Roller Quality

Coyote Rollers are manufactured here in the USA and are of the upmost quality. They are manufactured to withstand the elements for a lifetime. The Coyote Roller is constructed of specially designed aluminum tubing, UV resistant polymeric materials, and stainless steel components. The system requires no power source, and needs practically no maintenance whatsoever.


Wildlife Removal Services has over a decade in removing unwanted wildlife from your home or business in and around the San Diego area. From snakes and birds to raccoon, opossums, and coyotes, we handle it all. Our mission is to ensure the safety of you and your family and to preserve the critters’ lives if at all possible. We practice trapping and eviction, exclusion and prevention, and restoration and clean up services. We caution you to call us when you have an unwanted critter first, before you try to remove them yourselves. Some wildlife carry diseases that can be harmful to humans. Let our trained wildlife removal experts help. Call today!