We here at Wildlife Removal Services, get this, provide wildlife removal service, something you could have never guessed from our wildlife removal company’s name! It might be slightly confusing for folks who know us by our domain name, which is EZanimalcontrol, but very little is perfect in this world, and brand names aligning with domain names are no exception.

That being said, we are Southern California’s best animal control company because of our dedication to being affordable, thorough, effective, safe, and communicative. Those might all sound like typical marketing “buzzwords,” but believe us when we say that we have a passion for what we do. Since 2008, we’ve been serving San Diego, Orange County, and Temecula with animal control services based on a singular idea — that there is a better way to do wildlife control. Hence, we started our wildlife control company with a humane, three-step approach to wildlife removal in San Diego County.

A Quick History Lesson

Those early days saw us begin humbly, with one truck to our name. That old bird got plenty of miles on her, too, being the “critter catcher” transport from Chula Vista to Oceanside. Ten years later, we have expanded into Orange County and Temecula, we have three trucks, and we have a proven track record of excellence. From home visits to bigger commercial animal control projects working with the likes of SDSU, the City of San Diego, and even the Department of Defense, we get the job done in a safe and effective way. We are family owned and operated, which means we haven’t forgotten our roots. If your customers aren’t satisfied, you are not going to be successful in the long run. That’s why we have lasted for ten years, with no signs of going anywhere just yet!

Which Animals Do We Control?

Today’s post is dedicated to listing and highlighting the individual critters and pests we most commonly provide wildlife control and removal services for. If, however, you have an animal issue you don’t see listed below, just give us a call, because we are confident we’ll be able to provide you with a timely, affordable solution. That being said, read on if you are ready for a quick-fire breakdown of animals and pests we routinely control, remove, exclude, and clean-up after.

Rattlesnake Prevention and Control

The first thing you should know about living in certain parts of Southern California is that you might be sharing some real estate with snakes. It’s no Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark by any means (referencing the scene with the “very dangerous” asps that made the floor look like it was “moving” according to Salah, just to inform the unfamiliar), but some regions of San Diego County and beyond serve as favorable habitats for copperheads, water moccasins, and rattlesnakes. Folks who live in these areas need to learn how to keep their eyes open, because snakes can slither anywhere they please when it comes to the outdoors.

However, we at Wildlife Removal Service provide snake control, snake exclusion, and habit modification services. The occasional solitary snake can be captured and removed if required, but more often than not the most effective method to have a safe living environment is to set up a perimeter that is snake-proof. We’ll set up a rattlesnake-proof fence that is tight, typically using wire mesh. We will also analyze the vegetation in your living environment, because tall grass and bushes are a favorite hiding place for these slithering reptiles.

We provide a variety of additional snake control methods. Check out the link to find our dedicated San Diego snake control resource for details.

Bat Control San Diego

Let’s get straight to it. Our bat control services involve a three-step process. The first is a home-inspection to identify probable points of entry, along with potential areas of concern for exclusion purposes in the future. Typically these areas include eaves, attic vents, roofing tiles, and such.

The second step is to repair these points of entry. The main exit points remain untouched for the time being, where exclusion devices like nets or bat cones are placed over the top. This approach allows bats to leave but not re-enter, which is pretty neat.

The third and final step is to wait around a week. Once all the bats have left, we take the exclusion devices down and repair those exit points. We inspect each area closely. We offer a limited warranty regarding the structural integrity of your home, considering we’ve made mild alterations to certain areas.

Coyote Control San Diego County

Got a coyote problem? We’ve got you covered. We can trap and remove coyotes, like you would expect from your typical wildlife removal company. But beyond that, we are certified dealer-installers of the leading coyote prevention device, the “Coyote Roller.” And while we don’t have time to detail the device in today’s post, you should check out that link. You’ll see how it protects family animals from ‘yotes, keeps animals in yards and kennels, and can even be used to protect chicken coops!

We help private homeowners and HOAs alike with coyote control needs. Give us a call to learn more.

Fox Control San Diego County

Foxes, as cute as they seem, can be quite problematic if they’ve chosen your home’s property as their habitat. They are very aggressive animals. What’s more, they like to make their dens under sheds, outbuildings, decks, or other structures that humans tend to be around. They can be found in the city as well, but we are able to provide effective solutions for both urban and rural fox removal needs.

See our fox control resource above to find additional information concerning our fox removal method.

San Diego Gopher Control

We will end part one of this two part series by highlighting our humane gopher control services in San Diego, Orange County, and Temecula. If you have holes in your yard, you could probably use our help. We inspect the tunneling damage that has been done, then place a few small traps within the tunnels. We do not use poisonous gopher control methods, so you can rest easy knowing we are solving your problem humanely while keeping your family protected.

In part two, we’ll highlight our opossum control, raccoon control, bird removal, and skunk control services we offer here at Wildlife Removal Services. As you can no doubt tell, we are passionate about what we do here.

If you are looking for a better way to handle wildlife removal in San Diego County, Temecula, or Orange County, you’ve found the animal control company for you. Reach out to us today to learn more about our pricing and methods. If you’ve got an emergency situation, you can reach us 24/7 as well.