Although the title of this post begins with “wildlife removal in San Diego,” if readers happen to find themselves in other parts of San Diego County, or even Orange County and Temecula, the title might as well read something akin to “wildlife removal near me,” as we have expanded our animal control service area to include O.C. and Temecula.

No matter the Southern California region you find yourself in (as long as it’s relatively close to San Diego County, mind you) Wildlife Removal Services is always just a phone call away. We work expeditiously and humanely to safely resolve animal control and pest control problems. Although each situation is unique and therefore requires its own special solution, each case typically adheres to our cornerstone method. This method involves humane removal and trapping along with eviction methods, a sophisticated wildlife exclusion and prevention strategy, and finally, restoration and cleanup of any damaged or contaminated area.

In today’s post, we’ll briefly describe how each step of our method sets ourselves apart from other wildlife removal companies in the area. After that, in a future post we will outline each animal we frequently control, evict, and exclude. If you are interested in learning more about a San Diego animal control company that is reliable, affordable, and puts the safety of our customers above all else, read on! We get the feeling you’re going to like the way we handle wildlife removal.

Humane Animal Removal, Trapping, And Eviction

As we noted above, all of our methods are filtered through our chief priority — the safety of our customers. Whether we are discussing raccoon removal, skunk control, or you have a San Diego bird problem, we can effectively manage the situation based on our extensive experience and industry knowledge. We have a variety of removal techniques at our service, including eviction fluids, one-way doors, repellents, and beyond. Keep in mind that we do not rule out physical-capture of the animal in question, either. But, generally speaking, there are other approaches that are a bit less direct which can be just as effective and even more humane.

If there are raccoon, skunk, or opossum issues in or around your home (usually it has to do with them claiming your attic as their own), we have special methods for each case. For example, it’s not uncommon this time of year to see mother raccoons look for a suitable attic to use as their birthing center and eventual nursery. We use eviction fluids specifically formulated for nursing mother raccoons. Such fluids will not harm the mother or her young, but will do the job of persuading them to leave and not return.

Bat Control

If you’ve come to this post looking for a wildlife control company worth their salt with San Diego bat control, you are in luck. As is the case with our entire suite of animal removal services and techniques, you can rest assured we use humane techniques which avoid causing pain to wildlife. More specifically, we use bat cones and bat netting over entry points to deter bats from gaining access to the place they’ve set up camp. This means the bats have been caused no physical harm, but are simply forced to pack up and find somewhere else to call home.

San Diego Bird Removal

We like to be able to advertise the fact that the most effective bird control techniques also happen to be methods that do not bring pigeons, swallows, or any bird in question to harm. We use bird spikes where they’ve roosted, bird netting, bird wire, or other modern bird control methods to make sure the birds follow the bat’s suit.

Animal Prevention And Wildlife Exclusion

After successfully removing the animal, the next step is exclusion and prevention. The terms “exclusion” and “prevention” simply refer to our ensuring that the animals who have been removed don’t return days or weeks later because they miss their old home, not unlike Mrs. Shapiro from the latest season of HBO’s hit comedy, Curb Your Enthusiasm, starring Larry David. Mrs. Shapiro sold her house to Mr. David some ten years prior, but insisted on pestering Mr. David about trivial decor tweaks that Mr. David had made in his own home.

Why bring that up? Because as annoying as Mrs. Shapiro was in that episode, it pales in comparison to critters coming back to your home after we at Wildlife Removal Services have left. You have to seal the deal, and, in this case, the deal is making sure that secure repairs are administered.

At Wildlife Removal Services of San Diego, we do our due-diligence when it comes to scouring your commercial structure or home for potential weak spots that a local critter could take advantage of. We go above and beyond expectations by not only addressing the areas of concern which the animal used to get inside your structure, but we’ll also be proactive about other potential problem children.

Ultimately, the goal of any wildlife removal company is to make sure the animals that have been removed stay removed. Through effective repairs, we set your abode up for future success with our experience and dedication to customer satisfaction.


Restoration And Attic Cleanup

If you’ve had a raccoon, with or without young, live in your attic for any period of time, you probably already know they can do more than their fair share of damage. Possums, rats, bats, birds, and other animals are no different. All kinds of wildlife are hosts to parasites like ticks and fleas along with being carriers of diseases that include Roundworm, Rabies, and others. Throw in the fact that rodent scat can get everywhere while urine often seeps into the very structure of your home, and you have a health hazard. The scent will even attract other wildlife, essentially signaling to them that your house is where the party is at.

That’s the problem, but we at Wildlife Removal Services are the solution. We offer a simple waste removal and disinfecting spray program, in addition to a more advanced, comprehensive restoration service which includes a full attic restoration, decontamination which involves insulation removal and replacement. Our specialists are experts when it comes to addressing areas of concern, but we are equally dedicated to making sure our customers remain involved in the process. After all, it’s your house. You should not only be informed, but also be an active participant when it comes to making decisions. We do our best to make sure you are driving the decisions. Our role is to educate you and advise you about what we think is best, but at the end of the day, we will do whatever you ask us to, and we will do it well.

To wrap up, we use professional and environmentally-safe methods to keep your home and family therein secure and healthy. The disinfectants we use are eco-friendly, hospital-grade, and safe. We offer our customers high-quality batten or blown cellulose insulation. We also offer an insulation type that is pest-resistant, so be sure to ask us about that if you are having pest control issues.

Call Wildlife Removal Services Today

When it comes to San Diego wildlife removal, we do our best to set ourselves apart from the competition by treating each customers’ situation as if it were our own. Wildlife control and pest problems are no fun, but they don’t have to be a nightmare. Give us a call for your free quote.