When most people think of pests, they probably think of mice, spiders, bees and other critters that you wouldn’t want to have lurking around your home or business. But what about birds? While these feathered friends seem harmless at first glance, in reality, they can be considered as much of a pest as rodents and other critters that can spread disease and cause major damage to your property. 

Why Bird Control is So Important

If you are dealing with a bird problem or infestation, utilizing professional bird control and management services is a must in order to keep these problematic rodents of the sky from becoming a pain in your tailfeather. At Wildlife Removal Services, we specialize in bird control in San Diego and the surrounding area. We use humane bird deterrent methods in our practices whenever possible to effectively get rid of bird problems. Without our professional bird control methods, your home or business could be facing the following risks:

Property Damage

Each year birds cause tens of millions of dollars in damage to homes and businesses nationwide. The mess that birds leave behind alone can damage your property in several ways. Their droppings have acidic properties that can stain and corrode building materials, strip paint off of a car, among other things. Not to mention, nests – and the materials that birds use to build nests – can clog pipes and create a fire hazard when near electrical wires. 


Pest birds and their droppings can carry diseases, some of which can spread to humans. Bird droppings have been found to carry over 50 diseases and ectoparasites which are transmittable. This is not only a concern for homes, but also commercial operations such as food processing plants, restaurants, and more. Some of these diseases that have been found in bird droppings are even airborne and can pose a risk to anyone nearby.

Cleanup Costs

As we previously mentioned, an issue such as a bird infestation can make a mess on your property. The cost of cleaning up after these flying rodents alone can make looking into bird control services worthwhile. Bird droppings, feathers, and nesting materials can create a huge mess over time. In fact, some commercial properties often spend over $25,000 on cleaning up after these nuisances each year. 

Health & Safety Compliance

Especially for businesses, costs and risks aside, many government agencies including OSHA and the USDA strictly enforce bird control for certain types of businesses. Failing to comply with these rules and regulations can lead to a citation, getting fined, or even temporary closure. In order to abide by these regulations, companies will need professional bird control measures to ensure there aren’t any violations 

It is no secret that pest birds such as pigeons, seagulls, or swallows can cause issues for your home or business. Luckily, bird problems have solutions and our team at Wildlife Removal Services is ready to provide them. We offer a variety of bird control services, including bird nest removal, bird proofing and prevention, and more. 

If you are having trouble with bird pests and need help identifying the right solution for you, contact our bird removal experts today for a free quote.