You may not want wild animals making themselves at home on your residential or commercial property, but do you know the warning signs of infestation? Outside of seeing the wild animal, most people don’t, which is why our team of wildlife control experts are happy to provide a bit of education on the matter. In a previous post, we reviewed five signs that could indicate an infestation inside of your home or business. In today’s post, we’ll review five exterior signs that could indicate you have a wildlife problem on your hand. Check them out below and then contact us for San Diego wildlife removal services.

Call For Wildlife Control If…

You Notice Damage and Trash Around Your Deck

Have you ever walked outside in the morning and noticed that something seemed a bit out of place? Sometimes you can’t put your finger on it, but other times, it is obvious. If your trash can was knocked over and garbage was strewn about, the chances are pretty high that you had a nocturnal visitor in search for food. Raccoons, skunks, and other animals are incredibly intelligent and determined, allowing them to get into even the most secure bins. If this is something you have noticed on more than one occasion, then it is probably time to buy locking trash cans and place a call to your local wildlife control team.

Your Garden Has a Persistent Invader

There is nothing quite like having a garden on your property. It allows you to enjoy fresh fruits and veggies almost all year long thanks to our mild climate — that is, unless wild critters happen to rain on your parade and invade your garden before you can harvest the fruits of your labor. Squirrels and raccoons are likely to climb fences and barriers that are put up, so what is a gardener to do? If you discover damage to your garden consistently, you or your neighbor likely have a critter problem on your hands. It is best to contact our San Diego wildlife removal services to determine the scope of the problem and find a solution.

You See Signs of Digging in Your Yard

Along with wreaking havoc on your garden, wild animals can also cause extensive damage to your property’s landscaping. This is because raccoons, skunks, and other critters love eating insects, even if it means they have to dig for their dinner. In fact, the animals’ hearing is so sharp that they can actually hear worms, grubs, and other insects moving around in the soil just underneath the sod. In their effort to secure their food, they often turn garden soil and sod upside down. If this is something that you have noticed recently, it is wise to check other areas of your home for possible infestation and call for wildlife control.

You Notice Feces Around the Exterior of Your Home

Wild animals are not like humans — they really have no decency when it comes to where they relieve themselves. In fact, they have no problem using your home or commercial space as their latrine. You’re likely to notice this if you have a wildlife problem on your property, whether it is in its early stages or it has become more advanced. For example, bats leave guano just outside of their entry points, birds leave droppings outside of their roosts, and mice leave droppings wherever they feel like it. Remember that many of these droppings can contain pathogens that cause serious illness in humans — it is best to leave cleanup and removal of the animals to a pro.

You See Wild Animals on Your Property

Of all the signs we have discussed so far, there is no better indicator of a wildlife problem on your property than actually seeing the animals firsthand. You may notice birds going in and out of a roost on your property, see a family of skunks going in and out of your crawlspace, or notice raccoons watching you from the attic. You may also notice the presence of dead animals on your property, whether it is part of the group that has moved in or the prey they have caught. In either case, one thing is certain: if you see wild animals on your property, do not attempt to approach or trap them on your own. This job should only be performed by an experienced, trained professional.

Humane Wildlife Removal Services in San Diego

Have you noticed any of the warning signs we’ve discussed in today’s post around the exterior of your property? If so, please contact our San Diego wildlife removal services right away. Our wildlife control technicians will come to your property and assess the situation to determine whether or not there is a problem. If we identify signs of infestation, we’ll devise a customized removal plan that is humane and effective. We’ll even take steps to exclude the critters to prevent them from returning and clean up the area while we’re at it. We have more than 10 years of experience in the industry, so you know that you can trust our safe, humane, and effective services. Contact Wildlife Removal Services today!