No matter what kind of animal removal or bird control services we employ at Wildlife Removal Service of San Diego, we will do everything in our power to reduce the amount of pain inflicted on the animal in question throughout the eviction and/or removal process. Through affordable and humane removal, trapping, eviction, exclusion, and advanced restoration and cleanup services, we are as close as you can get to a “one-stop-shop” in the world of San Diego wildlife removal and wildlife control.

In today’s post, we’d like to highlight our removal, exclusion, and restoration methods, while highlighting what we can do for you if you have a commercial or residential pigeon and/or swallow problem on your hands. It’s certainly the time of year where our phone starts ringing more and more about local pigeon problems and swallow concerns. Are you legally allowed to handle swallows? What about their nests when they aren’t present? We’ll help you navigate questions like these while shining the proverbial spotlight on what sets us apart as a high-quality San Diego bird removal company here at Wildlife Removal Services.

Humane Removal, Trapping, And Eviction

While all animal control methods we utilize are humane, we want our prospective clients to understand that the safety of the families we provide our services to remain our chief priority. There are many different ways that do not involve lethal measures that we can safely and humanely remove and evict animals that have become problems for one reason or another. From physical capture to repellents and eviction fluids to something as seemingly simple as a one-way door, we have the experience and industry-knowledge to be able to explore all options when presented with a challenging situation.

Whether it’s a raccoon in an attic or a family of pigeons has decided that your shed has useful architecture, putting it firmly in their crosshairs, we are able to solve almost any situations with a minimum amount of fuss. When it comes to bird control and removal, we use bird spikes, bird netting, bird wire, and other methods to make sure that any bird roosting on a structure will no longer be an issue moving forward. One of those “other methods” involves physical capture of the animal, just so you are aware. Of course, however, we’ll be doing so in a dignified, humane way.

Animal Exclusion And Prevention

Once you’ve securely removed the problem-animal from your commercial or residential premises, the next logical step most people would want to take is to make sure that dang critter doesn’t get back in! Sure, it’s logical and the thought would occur to most anybody in that situation, but that doesn’t mean everyone knows how to turn that desire into a reality. We have years of experience, making us expert excluders and preventers.

We understand that your home in an investment, and oftentimes pests, rodents, and birds aren’t just nuisances, they can negatively impact the value of your home (or place of business). Our ultimate goal here at Wildlife Removal Services is to make sure the animals that have been removed stay out. By administering a thorough examination of potential entry points, we are able to identify possible areas of concern. We’ll securely repair and all entry points that could be used by returning wildlife. We’ll do our best to ensure that all repairs performed keep your structure as attractive as it was before the animal started causing issues.

Restoration & Cleanup

Whether we are talking about pigeons, swallows, opossums, raccoons, rats, or some other unwelcome guest, a commonality they share is that they tend to be quite messy. Raccoons often use attics as a veritable nursery, typically designating a particular corner of the attic as the defacto latrine. That’s an issue that needs professional restoration, as is dealing with anywhere that has had exposure to critters like we’ve mentioned above. Such animals carry ticks, fleas, and diseases like roundworm and rabies. What’s more, if you aren’t interested in calling us again in a month’s time, we strongly recommend you let us help you professionally clean up the area to make sure there remains no trace of an animal’s pheromone scent, which attracts other animals.

Pigeons can cause damage to structures and home fronts as well, with their droppings eroding surfaces they contact over time. At Wildlife Removal Services, we use professional, safe methods to remove damaged insulation and other affected parts of your home. All disinfectants we utilize are environmentally friendly, hospital-grade, and completely safe for use. We even offer insulation that is pest-resistant. Not bad!

Pigeon Control San Diego

Believe it or not, we are actually going to talk about pigeons and swallows now, just like the title of this post promised! Pigeons are found in San Diego, like they are in many cities. Seen throughout the United States and Canada, pigeons can be observed in most every urban environment you’ll encounter. Pigeons don’t discriminate too much when it comes to living habitat — they’ll take up residence under bridges, in parks, on city buildings, and many other places. The common thread is that it has to be a somewhat sheltered structure with food and water sources nearby, along with appropriate protection from predators.

However, as we mentioned above, them living in the city can often spell bad news for store owners and homeowners alike. Their fecal matter is fairly potent, as it can deface and accelerate the deterioration of buildings. When an area becomes a pigeon’s outhouse, it can cause trouble. Vegetation will die due to the attrition of droppings, and man-made structures will typically require more ongoing maintenance when compared with other areas. On top of this, pigeons carry disease and a variety of parasites.

At Wildlife Removal Services, we offer an integrated pigeon management program which can involve both lethal and nonlethal control techniques. When considering the economic and health concerns that a significant pigeon control problem involves, doing so is almost always worth the investment in the long-run. We here at Wildlife Removal Services will help make sure that your pigeon problem, once handled, doesn’t resurface. We aren’t miracle workers, but this isn’t our first rodeo either. We’ll set your premises up for success, deterring future pigeons from setting up camp nearby. With frightening systems, electrical shock track systems, wire and cable systems, and bird spikes, we are more than capable of solving your San Diego pigeon control issue! For more information regarding the biology of pigeons, check out our dedicated resource.

Swallow Control San Diego

Call them barn swallows, cliff swallows, or mud swallows, San Diego swallows on your premises are no fun. But did you know that it can be a serious offense if you try to relocate or remove them (or their nests) during breeding and nesting season? This season last from February 15 until September 1, and it states that no one without a permit can remove swallows or their nests.

Luckily, we here at Wildlife Removal Service are licensed bird removal specialists, so we can help you out. No matter what kind of animal control problem you have in San Diego, Orange County, or even Temecula, we can help. If you’d like some more information on cliff swallow biology, feel free to do so. But if you are in need of emergency bird removal services, get your free quote here!