San Diego Bird Control - Why We Are The Best

“Had some birds in my bathroom vent. Wildlife Removal Services called me back in 5 min after I left a message and come out the next day. We thought we got all the birds out, but the next day I heard the sound again. Wildlife Removal Services came back the next day, and showed that they stand behind their work. I would highly recommend them and would use them again.” – Warren G., Five Stars, Google Reviews

Pigeons in San Diego. Swallows in San Diego. Birds in your house. Birds in your barn. Birds making their home in your gosh dang place of business. Warren, the gentleman that he is, took the time to let us and others know about the level of bird control service we provided him with. We were able to quickly and humanely solve his problem, and we wanted to point that fact out by highlighting his review.

Warren’s plight is not a unique one, however. During the spring and summer, many a bird issue has to be professionally handled by bird removal specialists, such as ourselves here at Wildlife Removal Services. In the past few blogs, we’ve been talking about our experience handling bat and rat issues, but today we turn our attention back to the daytime skies. We’ll briefly highlight common problems and what our bird control company of San Diego is prepared to do about it!

Pigeon Damage

Let’s start off with pigeons. These city birds have no regard for decency or sanitation, as they’ll recklessly drop off their droppings anywhere they please. Pigeon droppings deface and accelerate the deterioration of buildings in addition to being costly to clean up in their own right. If you have a home or place of business being affected by this, something needs to be done because large amounts of fecal matter can start to stink and can even kill nearby vegetation.

On top of this, pigeons and their waste carry diseases that can be spread to humans and animals alike. They are known carriers or Newcastle disease, pigeon ornithosis, encephalitis, toxoplasmosis, salmonella, and many other diseases.

We employ pigeon removal techniques that include bird spikes, wire and cable systems, electrical shock track systems, and frightening measures to remove and exclude pigeons from a given area. We are experts at using safe, effective, and humane animal control methods.

San Diego Swallows

Swallows, usually cliff swallows, like to live near man-made structures. And like pigeons, their fecal matter can pose a concern to humans and our way of life. From fouling up machinery to being a health hazard to simply being yucky, there are plenty of reasons to not want swallows setting up camp in your vicinity. To drive the point home, swallow nests contain mites and other insects, which isn’t a good thing for humans to be nearby.

When it comes to swallow removal, swallows are protected by state and federal regulations, meaning it’s illegal for anyone to take, possess, transport, sell, or purchase them without a permit. We at Wildlife Removal Services are able to utilize humane but effective bird control measures that involve exclusion and prevention. We’ll use netting, blocking, and other tailored solutions to make sure that swallows don’t decide to keep coming back to your property every year in order to roost (as they are apt to do).

For expert bird control and an emergency free quote, call Wildlife Removal Services today!