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Many of the cutest creatures are also the ones that can cause the most damage. In fact, you would think as if they knew they were cute, so they do cute things to trick them into leaving them alone, such as squirrels begging for peanuts or prairie dogs standing up on their back legs, barking to each other. While it may be easy to be fooled by their innocence, these critters (otherwise known as varmints) can do irreparable harm to crops and homes.

Wildlife Removal Services has been serving Orange County and the surrounding areas with the best critter control services for over 10 years. We understand the harm these critters can do. We offer humane animal control services so that these critters can be relocated to a place where they won’t interact with humans. Below, we’ll review some damage that varmints can do. Contact us today for all your wildlife removal needs!

What is a Varmint?

A varmint by definition is an animal that is considered a pest. While a pest in many people’s mind is a small insect, such as a mosquito, a pest actually is a destructive insect or other animal that can cause harm to humans, such as destroying or crops or biting us, or harm to our livestock as well. Varmint is derived from the word vermin, which is a small animal that competes with us for food and that is difficult to control. As you can see, a lot of wildlife and critters fall under the category of varmint, from coyotes and prairie dogs to crows, foxes, and squirrels.

Now that we understand what a varmint is, let’s take a look at some of the damage they can do.


Damage to Crops

Pests and varmints cause millions of dollars to crops every year. Insects alone cause $120 billion per year. Outside of insects, prairie dogs or gophers cause a lot of damage as well. These little burrowers have huge tunnel systems under the ground for their colonies, which grow quickly as these rodents have a rapid population growth rate. This can cause lots of damage and headaches to farmers’ fields. In addition, livestock can step in these holes and cause serious injury, resulting in veterinary costs as well.

Crows also can cause a lot of damage to crops (which is why scarecrows were invented). They are scavengers by nature, but they will also feed on ripened corn before it is picked and other crops. Feral hogs are also a growing problem in California as they roam around the country and will eat anything. A herd of these guys can easily devour your crops if left unchecked.


Foxes and coyotes by themselves are cute animals. After all, both are related to dogs, and sometimes are even cuter. When hungry, these creatures will wander into suburban neighborhoods and steal any small creature, such as chickens, cats, and small dogs. Coyotes have even been known to attack toddlers, but do know that this is rare and this is by coyotes that are starving. As human populations increase and encroach upon coyote and fox territory, these creatures have adapted fairly well and remain unseen most of the time. However, encounters do occur.

Your Home or Office

When critters decide to take up residence in your home or office, this is where the most damage can occur on a personal level. Any type of critter will call your nice, warm building home for obvious reasons: it’s warm, it’s sheltered from the elements, it’s protected from predators, and it’s easy. After all, your building is ready-made to live in. From foundations to insulation and wood, your home can sustain major damage from termites, squirrels, skunks, raccoons, and more.


Above are just a couple of the reasons varmints can be nuisances to humans. When you partner with a top-notch wildlife control company, such as Wildlife Removal Services in San Diego, we can help you humanely get rid of your unwanted wildlife. We offer trapping and eviction, exclusion and prevention, and restoration and cleanup services. Our expert wildlife removal technicians have over a decade of experience in helping you with these uninvited guests. When you partner with us for commercial or residential wildlife removal services, we’ll perform a thorough inspection of your property to ensure your wildlife control problem will not reoccur. Call today to begin!