If you’ve never been to this blog before, we’ve got some news for you. We at Wildlife Removal Services offer wildlife removal and pest control services for San Diego County. Now, you might say that such a fact is fairly obvious, seeing as how our name is “Wildlife Removal Services” and all. To that we would counter, that is a valid and astute point. And yet, there is more to our animal control company than meets the eye. There are several aspects about us that we like to think separates us from the pack in terms of local animal removal services in San Diego County, and perhaps all of Southern California.

One of these distinguishing factors is that we administer humane wildlife removal. Trapping is done as a last resort, as there are typically many other options we can explore before getting into a physical capture or lethal-measure kind of conversation. And while the conversation about trapping, excluding, and eviction changes depending on the kind of animal that needs to be dealt with, choosing Wildlife Removal Services means you have an animal control company at your disposal that is committed to both the safety of you and your family while maintaining our principles of humane treatment. Again, we believe this sets us apart in our industry.

Effective Animal Control

We mentioned it above, but we’d just like to reiterate the point; we are dedicated to effective animal control, whether you need rodent removal, bird control services, or you aren’t even sure what’s lurking in your attic at this point. We are experienced professionals who understand that if a problem is not appropriately dealt with (including restoration and sanitary cleanup), wild animals are not the cleanest of animals in the sense that they can carry a range of unsavory diseases that can cause illness or worse to you and yours. What we do matters, and what we do is more than simply eliminate the problem for a moment — we do everything in our power to make sure that the rodent removal process, for example, includes exclusion, repair, and expert cleaning. That way, you can have the peace of mind to know that you won’t be dealing with a rat problem any time soon, and neither will their parasites or diseases be causing you harm.

Rodent Control

Got a rat problem? Let’s start off with something everybody can get behind; savings. If you are in need of emergency rat removal, contact us today and mention code “510” for 10 percent off your order.

Obviously, a discount is a good thing. But you want to make sure that the mouse or rat problem you’ve got is going to be handled by an expert.

We are such experts here at Wildlife Removal Service of San Diego.

Did you know there are three kinds of rats that are common to Southern California? They are roof rats, norway rats, and wood rats. Did you know that they can carry plague viruses, rat-bite fever, hantavirus, and parasites like ticks, fleas, and tapeworms? Did you know that their droppings can contaminate your food supply in a hurry?

We understand more than mere biology and behavior of course, as we can consult you about how to make sure that you don’t have a reoccuring mouse or rat problem. For example, don’t store food sources outside, even if they are in plastic containers. Metal is okay though.

San Diego Rat Control

At the end of the day, if the rat problem is severe, we have the poison, baiting, and traps to solve your problem in a hurry. No two situations are alike, but we’ve seen a lot in our decade’s worth of existence. Even if we do need to use lethal force, we’ll do our best to keep pain to a minimum.

Give us a call and get your rodent problem solved by the experts!