Let’s start this post by answering the title’s question, “What do I do?” You call Wildlife Removal Services for expert raccoon control if you have raccoons making a home out of your attic. Well, we use the word home loosely in this respect, considering the mess these critters can make. Quite simply, if you need a San Diego critter catcher, we are available for emergency animal control services day and night. Plus, we don’t charge our customers an arm and a leg either.

Now that we’ve answered the preponderant question, let’s dive into some more detail with respect to our readers dealing with raccoons in their attic. Whether you are currently dealing with those pesky critters being in your home as you read this or you are interested in learning some anticipatory, preventative techniques, read on! This post is for you.

An Attic Full To The Brim With Raccoons

Well, we certainly hope your attic isn’t overflowing with these bandits of the night. However, ‘tis the season for raccoons to make their presence known in Southern California. From early spring until summer, you might notice mother raccoons going from roofline to roofline via trees found close to the roof or even pergolas connected to the home in question. Then mothers will use their trusty claws to dig holes in the roof so they can gain entry into the warm, private, sheltered space. An area with the aforementioned qualities is an ideal setting for a mother raccoon to give birth without having to worry about predators or the elements becoming a factor.

Raccoon Removal In San Diego, Orange County, And Temecula

You might be sitting there thinking to yourself, “I typed ‘raccoon control near me’ into my smartphone and all I can find is an article telling me how and why these critters make it up into my home. I want somebody to tell me what the steps are for getting these unwelcome guests out of my house!” We’d say two things in response to that. First, that we are quite impressed by our own intuition, and secondly that you shouldn’t worry, because that is exactly what we will be addressing next!

The raccoon control and removal process usually involves three core components.

  • The first step is to determine if their a litter of baby raccoons living in the attic. While this is almost always the case, it’s still important to check, as it guides our methods. We will use humane methods to remove the baby raccoons as well as their mother.
  • The next step is to figure out how exactly the mommy raccoon gained entry into the home. Once you get them out, it’s time to seal that hole shut. We at Wildlife Removal Services can perform this task for you.
  • The final step involves cleanup time! Unfortunately, raccoons are not known for being the most sanitary of creatures. They will have used your attic as their private latrine, and they may have damaged insulation. We’ll clean and disinfect the area so you don’t have to worry about lingering germs or the like.

Call Wildlife Removal Service today to get the raccoons out of your attic in Temecula, Orange County, or greater San Diego. We are affordable, humane, friendly, and effective! Get your emergency quote and solve the problem ASAP!