Help I have a raccoon in my attic

Imagine for a moment that you are putting some storage items in your attic when you come across a family of raccoons. Your fear and panic are palpable as you and the animals make eye contact in the split-second pause before your turn around and run. Here at Wildlife Removal Services, we have received many calls from worried homeowners saying, “Help! I have a raccoon in my attic!” and we are proud to be San Diego’s leading source of humane raccoon removal services. These animals can be dangerous and removing them from an attic is always a job for a professional. Today, our wildlife removal technicians will review a few common signs of a raccoon infestation and how we can help. Let’s get started!

Signs of a Raccoon Infestation

Raccoons are nocturnal, which means that some of the warning signs of infestation are more prevalent at night. Reproduction rates spike in the springtime, so homeowners can expect a higher likelihood of infestation during spring and summer as mama raccoons look for a warm, safe place for themselves and their babies. Any of the following could indicate that you have a raccoon problem on your hands:

  • Unusual sounds. Raccoons are loud. You may hear thumping, stomping, and scratching noises coming from your attic as they root around and build a nest. They are also very vocal. Adult raccoons make a kind of growling sound and baby raccoons make a crying sound.
  • Leftover food scraps. These animals are messy eaters. They will often bring food back to their nest in your attic. Leftover food scraps are a big indicator of an infestation, as are missing vegetables from your garden.
  • Nesting materials and debris. Raccoons are very creative and they use a wide variety of materials for their nests. If you notice twigs, leaves, and other debris in your attic, or if you see torn insulation strewn about, this could be evidence of raccoons nesting.
  • Structural damage. Raccoons have been known to cause extensive damage to homes, especially if they are feeling trapped or threatened. They can damage soffits as they go in and out of your attic, and they may even chew on support beams, HVAC and plumbing lines, and drywall.

How Our Raccoon Removal Service Can Help

Finding raccoons in your attic can be a distressing event. Rest assured that the experienced technicians at Wildlife Removal Services are here to help with an effective three-step removal process.

Raccoon Trapping and Eviction

The state of California and the Department of Fish and Game have very strict regulations surrounding the trapping and release of raccoons. This is to ensure the safety of the animal and prevent the spread of disease. You can rest assured that our raccoon trapping services are humane and fully compliant with these regulations. Our team will remove the raccoons from your attic quickly and effectively in a manner that is safe for everyone and every animal involved.

Exclusion and Prevention

Many times, formal trapping is not necessary to prevent a raccoon from returning to your attic. We have a wide variety of exclusion and prevention techniques at our disposal to ensure these animals find a new home elsewhere. This can include placing barriers over possible points of entry and performing repairs to damaged exterior components to prevent future access.

Restoration and Cleanup

Raccoon activity, their droppings, their nests, and the food scraps they leave behind can leave your attic messy and dirty, not to mention potentially contaminated. In addition to removing the raccoons from your attic and putting effective exclusion methods into place, our raccoon removal services also include restoring and cleaning your attic. This service restores your attic to a clean, sanitary space.

Raccoon Removal Service in San Diego

If you are worried that you have raccoons in your attic, you don’t want to hire just any raccoon trapping service in San Diego. Wildlife Removal Services has more than 10 years of experience providing raccoon removal services that are humane and effective. We would love to help you reclaim your attic space with our trapping, exclusion, and restoration services. Call our San Diego raccoon removal specialists at 619-354-7144 today to learn more or request your free quote online now. We look forward to speaking with you!