If you’ve been an avid reader of our content over the past few months, or if you’ve simply lived in San Diego for at least a calendar year, you are familiar with the regional problem of critters and birds during the spring and summer months. Possums, bats, rats, swallows, pigeons, and raccoons tend to find human-made structures particularly desirable in terms of places to set up camp or loot (or both) — though each kind of animal might want to profane your living quarters in different ways, all can be solved using a reliable wildlife control company.

As fate would have it, we at Wildlife Removal Services are such a reliable wildlife control company! Since 2008, we’ve been providing San Diego County and beyond with an exceptional dedication to customer service, humane animal control services, and our Personal Service Guarantee you won’t find elsewhere. With our 3-step approach to humane wildlife control, we effectively remove, exclude, repair, and restore any compromised location, whether it be commercial or residential in nature.

Our Reputation

We’ve worked with The City of San Diego, the Department of Defense, and San Diego State University in the past. Though we are quite proud of our track record of success, our bread-and-butter client will always be everyday house calls. From Oceanside to National City, we can be the critter creatures you need.

Today’s post is not just about singing our own praises, as the title might have already given away. We want to take the time to showcase what others are saying about us, if for no other reason than to give up the proverbial microphone for a moment! In all seriousness, we care about our online reputation and what our customers are saying about us.

The World Of Online Reviews

With a 5.0 Star Rating on Google Reviews and a 4.5 Star Rating on Yelp, we believe our online reputation speaks for itself in a lot of ways. But when you consider the fact that people are much more likely to leave negative reviews than positive ones, our star-rating becomes that much more impressive. Below you will find a few of our favorite reviews (that really are more like testimonials) that we’ve received over the past few months. So sit back and take some advice from folks who were once in the same shoes that you find yourself current in — looking for a provider of animal removal services that’s worth their salt!

“The Charge Was Very Reasonable…I Will Be Calling This Company Again”

“I noticed that the trap I was using to try and catch raccoons ended up catching a skunk! I am not familiar with dealing with skunks so I called this company and they were quick to accommodate. We set a time on the phone for the same day pickup and Cameron was the one who arrived precisely on time. He was well spoken, informative, caring, and quick to complete the job. The charge was very reasonable and without question, I will be calling this company again whether I catch another skunk or a raccoon. In addition, I will be requesting that they specifically send Cameron even if it takes longer as I was impressed with his professionalism and he was very easy to talk to. I can tell he was passionate about his profession which for me goes a long way.” – Adam S., Five Stars, 5/8/18, Yelp

Adam, thanks so much for taking the time to let us know how your experience working with Wildlife Removal Services was. We love to hear feedback, be it constructive or positive, but when it’s overwhelmingly glowing like it is right here, that just reminds us of why we love doing what we do. When we hear words like “caring,” “informative,” and “well-spoken,” it inspires us to continue providing animal control services at the level we do. That we were “precisely on time” is just a cherry on top!

“I Would Use Them Again And Trust Them In A Heartbeat”

“Love them. They are friendly to the animals and they work. We caught the raccoon that was ruining our furniture. Very pleased with this company and they were very patient with us when we didn’t catch immediately. I would use them again and trust them in a heartbeat. Highly recommend.” – Christina M., Five Stars, 12/28/17, Yelp

We hope that not all of your furniture was ruined by that pesky critter, Christina! Christina got to experience our humane animal removal services first-hand, so she knows that we do our best to minimize any pain experienced by the animal during the removal process. In fact, it’s often the case that formal removal is not even necessary, as there are many other options we can employ to make sure the animal gets out — and stays out! Thanks for your business, trust, and glowing, five-star review, Christina!

“Punctual, Professional, And Fast”

“I called at 7:00am on a saturday morning for a skunk I had trapped overnight. They came out within a few hours and removed the skunk and even helped me reset my trap in a better position in case I had more under the house. They were punctual, professional and fast.” – Jamie D., Five Stars, 1/6/18, Yelp

First of all, brownie points for the bravery shown to trap a skunk of a Friday night! Secondly, we are glad we were able to be “punctual, professional, and fast” like you mentioned, Jamie. The fact that we were able to help you reset your trap to make sure you were set up for future success is typical of the thorough animal control services we usually employ! Thanks for your review and business, Jamie!

“I Would Highly Recommend Them”

“Had some birds in my bathroom vent. Wildlife Removal Services called me back in 5 min after I left a message and come out the next day. We thought we got all the birds out, but the next day I heard the sound again. Wildlife Removal Services came back the next day, and showed that they stand behind their work. I would highly recommend them and would use them again.” Warren G., Five Stars, 5/18, Google Reviews

If there is an issue with any of our animal exclusion measures we’ve set up, we absolutely will stand by our work and fix the problem that has arisen. Warren, we are happy to hear that we were able to quickly respond and fix the bird control issue you had in your bathroom vent. The bathroom is a sanctuary — not a place for birds to roost! Thanks again, Warren, for your kind words and business. Please call us again at any time.

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