Whether you found this post by typing into your smartphone something like “raccoon removal service,” “animal control San Diego,” or even “rodent removal service,” you’ve come to the right place for San Diego wildlife removal. We perform skunk control, gopher control, rat removal, pest control, rodent control, and much more here at our San Diego wildlife removal company.

Time To Recap

In recent posts, we’ve taken the time to highlight our bird control services, with a specific focus on regional swallows and pigeons that can turn into quite the problem for residential and commercial abodes alike. We’ve also recently written about our raccoon removal services. In addition to educating our readers about the biology, habitat, and behavior of raccoons, we also have explained how they tend to find attics during the springtime. Raccoon mothers find attics to be the ideal candidates to convert into nurseries. As wonderful as the miracle of life might be, it’s better when little critters come into the world greeted by nature, rather than your insulation and floorboards. This is especially true given the fact that raccoons can hardly be described as being the tidiest of creatures, as their leftover waste and refuse can lead to an unsafe environment in houses they’ve deemed their new home.

Luckily, Wildlife Removal Services of San Diego is here with a humane and effective solution. In today’s post, we will explain our humane animal control, removal, and exclusion methods, in addition to explaining what else separates us from other wildlife control companies in the area. So if you are in consideration-mode when it comes to choosing a provider of wildlife control in San Diego County or beyond, keep reading! This post is for you.

What Makes Our Pest Control And Wildlife Removal Services So Special?

The truth is, you could give most any local animal control company a call and they’d give you a quote and timeframe to complete the requested service. Here is where the number of wildlife control companies dwindles, however, as not every provider is able to meet their promises according to the agreed upon budget and schedule.

While we aren’t claiming we are the only company that will keep our word regarding quotes and timeframes, it certainly helps that we make a point to stick to what we say. What’s more, we have lasted over a decade in this industry because we’ve proven to be a reliable animal control company as much as we are an affordable one. We started with one truck which serviced the entirety of San Diego County — from Chula Vista to Oceanside and beyond. We’ve grown to a three-truck fleet these days (we are pretty sure three vehicles qualifies as a fleet, but don’t quote us on that), and have worked with many notable organizations, such as the Department of Defense, SDSU, and The City of San Diego.

Customer Service

Another reason to go with us at Wildlife Removal Service is that we have a genuine focus on customer service. While no organization out there is going to tell you that they aren’t an animal control company that focuses on customer service, we can back our’s up with our stellar reputation. With a 5.0-Star Rating on Google My Business (10 reviews in total) and a 4.5-Star Rating on Yelp (56 reviews in total), we have the quantity and quality to put us at the top of anyone’s list in their search for a residential or commercial wildlife removal company. You won’t find another company with a commitment to solving your problem in a humane way like we have — plus we back it up with our Personal Service Guarantee.

A 3-Step Approach To Humane Wildlife Control

We use a three-pronged approach to animal control, whether we are talking about getting those pesky swallows out of their favorite roosting spot or making sure those messy possums don’t find a way back in to your home, we’ve got you covered. It starts with human removal/trapping/eviction methods, then we follow through with exclusion and prevention methods, upon which we round off our wildlife control services with sophisticated restoration & clean-up services to make sure your home or place of business has returned to being a safe living environment. We take a look at each step below:

  • Humane Animal Removal, Trapping, and Eviction – The safety of your family will always be our number one priority when we remove any animal. That being established, there is a wide range of techniques with which are familiar and can employ to make sure we achieve a positive result; the removal of the pests or animal(s) in question. From one-way doors to repellents and eviction fluids to the physical capture and humane removal of the problematic wildlife, we have the experience and expertise to tackle pretty much any issue thrown at us. It’s often the case that physical capture is not necessary, and that setting up a one-way-door (or something similar) while the animal is away can prove to inhibit them from ever being able to return. When it comes to birds, we invoke the use of bird spikes, bird wire, or even bird netting to make sure that bird roosting on a structure doesn’t persist to be an issue. However, there are times when the only viable solution is to physically capture the animal in question. When we do so, rest assured that it is done in a humane way that proactively minimizes any pain the animal might experience. Again, our chief priority is the safety of our clients and their families.
  • Animal Exclusion and Prevention – Once we’ve successfully removed the animal that’s been a proverbial thorn in the side, we will then move onto securely repairing your premises. Whether it’s a raccoon and her young that have set up camp in your attic or a rodent problem in the barn, we’ll make sure that appropriate repairs are administered so that other animals will not be able to move back into the areas to repeat the damaging cycle all over again! We understand that your home (or commercial property) is an investment as much as it is a place to live. We have seen a wide array of situations, each requiring their own unique solution. We’ll make sure we are thorough with our evaluation of any and all damage done, making sure that each existing entry point (or possible entry point) is secured in a way that there will not be a repeat issue.
  • Restoration & Clean-Up Of Your Attic – Once the critter control and exclusion measures have been performed, we’ll move onto the restoration and cleanup of your property. The thing is, critters of all kinds tend to leave behind a pretty severe mess, and oftentimes that mess is less than sanitary. Wildlife carry fleas, ticks, rabies, roundworm, leptospirosis, bacteria, and other deplorables. What’s more, unless you want to give us a call and pay us your hard-earned tender once again in just a few week’s time, it’s essential to clean the affected area because rodents and other animals leave a pheromone scent that will attract other animals to your location, long after they have left. Our restoration service includes animal restoration, decontamination, insulation removal and replacement, and general disinfection services. We’ll make sure that all damaged or compromised areas are effectively replaced, according to your wishes.

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So there you have it — if you aren’t yet completely convinced that Wildlife Removal Services is your animal removal company of choice in the San Diego region, just give us a call and put us to the test! We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Keep in mind we offer emergency animal control services. So if you are in a pinch with a critter you can’t handle, call in the experts! Reach out to us today.