If you have ever had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a bird infestation on your property, you know just how hard they can be to get rid of. Store-bought deterrents and other DIY bird control methods may be somewhat effective, but they don’t provide the longevity and reliability that professional bird proofing and eviction does. Wildlife Removal Services is your go-to source for humane bird control in San Diego, and we are happy to help you rid your property of these troublesome pests. Check out four of the most common pest birds in our region and how our services can help you, then call Southern California’s best wildlife removal service for your bird removal quote.

Pest Birds in California


These aviary pests came to the United States as a domesticated bird, but when several escaped captivity, feral populations increased in number. Although there are more than 300 different species, pigeons are easily recognizable by the two black stripes that adorn their wings. They usually have a gray body and an iridescent band of feathers around their neck.

Aside from transmitting encephalitis, toxoplasmosis, salmonella food poisoning, and several other diseases, pigeon droppings can cause significant damage to structures because it accelerates the deterioration process. Feral pigeons (not to be confused with the wild, band-tailed pigeon) are not protected by law. However, professional bird proofing and eviction is often required for ridding a property of pigeons as they are often immune to fright tactics.


In California, there are two primary species of pest swallows that cause property owners the most grief: barn swallows and cliff swallows. Both of these species can be difficult to eradicate, but that is where most of their similarities stop. Their appearance, feeding behavior, and nesting habits are quite different:

Barn Swallows

  • Appearance: Long, forked tail and long narrow wings with entirely metallic blue feathers above and rusty colored feathers below
  • Feeding behavior: Will swoop and dive for insects near ground level
  • Nesting: Will nest alone or in small groups, either inside or outside of buildings

Cliff Swallows

  • Appearance: Short, square-tipped wings that are wide and round with some metallic blue feathers above and two white lines running from collar to rump
  • Feeding behavior: prefers to feed on swarming insects high above the ground
  • Nesting: Builds mud nests on the exterior of buildings with its colony

When these nuisance birds nest on the outside of your home or office, they create an unsightly appearance and their droppings have been known to cause slip-and-fall accidents. Swallow nests are easy enough to remove, but these birds are incredibly persistent. If you suspect swallows have made themselves at home on your property, call Wildlife Removal Services right away. Most swallows are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918, making humane eviction and exclusion a must.


These birds are actually quite beautiful, however, their beauty is often overshadowed by the damage they can cause when large numbers of them nest on your property. Similar to other waterbirds, Double-crested cormorants have a small head and a long neck. Their bills are large and hooked, and their body feathers are brownish-black in color. They have yellow-orange skin near their bill, and adults have a small double crest of white or black feathers during the breeding season.

Cormorants often wreak havoc at fisheries, sometimes severely impacting the fish populations in ponds. Additionally, they can cause extensive damage to vegetation where they nest because their droppings will actually change the soil chemistry. These troublesome birds are also protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918, making professional bird proofing and eviction necessary in eliminating these birds from your property.

How Can Our San Diego Bird Control Services Help?

Humane Eviction

Effective bird control methods begin with humane bird eviction techniques. That means that our team uses specific tools to encourage birds to relocate. Some of these include:

  • Spikes: Mechanical repellents that make it uncomfortable and/or impossible for birds to perch or land on a surface.
  • Wire and cable systems: Consist of nylon-coated wires or cables suspended between poles, providing an unstable landing surface for birds.
  • Electrical shock track systems: Provide a mild, harmless electrical shock when birds land on them, conditioning them to avoid the area.

Our team will perform a detailed inspection to determine what type of bird is causing you trouble in order to perform the most effective eviction method.

Exclusion and Prevention

Humanely relocating the birds is only one part of the solution — you want to ensure that they don’t come back, and that is where bird exclusion and prevention methods enter the picture. Netting and wire mesh are commonly used to block off preferred nesting areas, such as underneath overhangs, and they are very effective at preventing birds from roosting in the same places year after year.

Restoration and Cleanup

Bird nests and droppings can create an unsanitary environment around your home or office. Aside from encouraging the birds to relocate and preventing them from returning, Wildlife Removal Services also provides attic restoration and cleanup services. If birds (or any other animal) have made themselves at home in your attic, it is important to remove the droppings and thoroughly clean and sanitize the area. When you hire us, you don’t have to worry about doing this job yourself. Rather, we’ll handle the dirty work for you.

Schedule Bird Proofing and Eviction Services

Regardless of what species of bird is wreaking havoc on your property, Wildlife Removal Services is here to help. Remember that birds can carry several types of pests that can be hazardous to your health and their droppings can carry diseases. Bird proofing and eviction is not something you want to attempt on your own, and you should always call on a professional. We’re happy to provide you with a quote for our services, and we would love to speak with you about the benefits of our bird control services.

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