When you think of pest infestations, images of rodents and insects may come to mind. While these troublesome pests are definitely common sources of distress for homeowners and commercial property owners, they are not the only nuisance to be concerned about. Pigeons, swallows, and other types of birds can make themselves at home on your property, causing thousands of dollars in damage and providing your property with an unsafe and unsightly appearance. Knowing the signs of a bird infestation is an essential first step in effective bird control, and Wildlife Removal Services is your first choice for local bird removal in San Diego. If you notice any of the five bird infestation signs below, contact us right away at 619-786-6440 to learn more about our three-step approach to humane wildlife removal.

Five Signs You Have a Bird Infestation

Lingering Birds

Whether they are flying overhead, hopping around your yard, or hanging out in your trees, it is normal to see birds around your property from time to time. However, if you begin to notice an increasing number of birds that linger on your property, this could be a sign of an infestation. Keep in mind that certain times of year can be worse than others. For example, spring and summer are prime time for pigeon and swallow mating.

Bird Sounds

If you love waking up to the sounds of nature, then you probably don’t mind it much when you hear a bird chirping outside of your window. These infrequent songs can become more frequent if you have an infestation, and you may even hear the cries of baby birds in cases of advanced infestations. While the melodious sound of birds can be soothing to some, the racket it generates during an infestation can be enough to drive you crazy.

Excessive Bird Droppings

Birds are messy. If you notice areas on your property that have a lot of bird droppings, beware. Excessive bird droppings that are isolated to one specific area are highly indicative of an infestation and you are likely to spot a nest or roosting area nearby. Droppings can actually eat away at metal, causing thousands of dollars in property damage and they can make the ground dangerously slippery, making it important to call for local bird removal as soon as possible.

Feathers and Nest Debris

Birds are also messy in that they tend to lose feathers and knock debris out of their nest. Whether they are going through a molting process, they are fighting for territorial rights, or they are working on building a nest for their young, you can usually see evidence of their efforts on the ground below. If you notice a large number of feathers on the ground or nest debris strewn around your property, you could have a bird infestation.

Damage to Your Roof or Eaves

Most birds prefer to nest in high places. Places like steeples, roofs, and eaves provide the perfect location for them to lay and protect their eggs. During the process of building their nest, birds can cause damage to your roof and eaves. In fact, they may even go so far as to put holes in your roof and widen cracks in corners and eaves to make their nest. If you notice damage to your roof and eaves and you suspect an infestation, call us for local bird removal right away.

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Have you noticed an influx of birds hanging out around your property, been pestered by constant chirping, or discovered bird debris around the exterior of your San Diego home or office? These conditions, along with the other warning signs we reviewed today, are strong indicators of a bird infestation. Wildlife Removal Services is a local bird removal company that you can count on to help you when you need it most. Our bird eviction, exclusion, and prevention methods are based on years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of local nuisance birds in Southern California, and you can rest assured that we treat animals humanely in all aspects of our bird control services.

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