Bat Control And Bat Removal San Diego

Today’s post is about bats. Some people like them, like Batman, and just about everyone else could do without them. We have it pretty good here in San Diego and the surrounding area — it doesn’t get very cold and it rarely gets too hot. All things considered, there are many, many worse areas to live around the country and in the world at large.

That said, bats in San Diego tend to be an issue this time of the year. They like to make their homes in buildings like houses and commercial structures. We can’t hate them too much for doing so, as humans have taken over a good deal of their natural habitat over the last few centuries. Bats need to find new places to make their colonies in order to survive, and San Diego structures are as good a place as any. But nevertheless, when they happen to target your home or place of business as their residential selection, it can become a challenge to get them to change their minds about it. Given their natural resilience to changing environments, it’s often the case that animal control specialists need to be called in to perform bat removal services.

As it turns out, we are such bat control experts here at Wildlife Removal Services. And before we dive into the details about our bat control services, we’d like to remind you about what kind of wildlife control company we are here at Wildlife Removal Service!

San Diego Animal Control

Our pest control and wildlife removal services involve a three-step process, starting with trapping and removal, moving on to exclusion and prevention, and ending with repair, cleaning, and restoration. Whether your issue concerns coyotes, bats, birds, rats, raccoons, snakes, or some kind of pest, we are focused on effective yet humane trapping and eviction methods. We adhere to all state regulations, meaning that we will use minimum necessary force to get the job done in a safe way. Now, no two situations are exactly alike, which is why we will use one-way trapping cages, netting, physical capture, or certain kinds of eviction fluids to make sure the wildlife in question is appropriately dealt with.

Once They’re Gone, We’ll Make Sure They Stay Gone

The next step is exclusion and prevention, which involves the services and tools needed to keep animals from returning to their former abode. Different animals require different measures to ensure this doesn’t happen. For example, raccoons will leave pheromones behind after they’ve been evicted from an attic. This attracts others of the same kind to your home or place of business, which obviously is not a good thing. We’ll employ measures to remove these kinds of airborne communication in addition to taking a full scan of your home to see if there are any potential places of entry that should be addressed. We’ll leave no stone unturned, blocking and repairing any possible entry-points. Once the animals have gone, we make sure we do everything we can to keep them out.

Clean Up Time

We mentioned odor control already, but there is more that goes into our restoration and clean-up duties than that. Once we remove that animal and secure the premises of your home or place of business, we can perform a full-on restoration of the area in question. This includes repairing insulation to building paneling, disinfecting contaminated areas, and whatever else we might need to do!

How To Remove Bats

Let’s get a bit more specific about our bat control services, seeing as how this is a bat control-focused blog. Our bat control methods do not involve extermination using poison (as that practice is inhumane and illegal). Instead, we utilize a sophisticated approach that includes eviction, exclusion, and prevention. We want to conserve the bat population in San Diego County and beyond, because bats are wonderful creatures that perform an essential duty in the balance of things — they are nature’s best bug control. In particular, bats love feasting on mosquitos, which we think that we can all agree is a good thing.

Below you’ll find our three-step approach to professional, effective, and humane bat control:

  • Step One – We’ll do a complete inspection of your home or commercial structure in order to identify areas of entry that the bats are currently using. In addition, we’ll scour the premises to find any other possible areas that they might be inclined to use in the future. Common areas of entry include eaves, fascia boards, attic vents, and roofing tiles.
  • Step Two – Once we’ve completed our identification process, we’ll repair all areas of entry and exit, excluding the primary exit point. This is to make sure the bats have an escape route. Then we use exclusion devices like nets or something called bat cones that get placed over the main exit points. Used in tandem, these measures make sure that the bats can naturally leave their colony without being able to make their way back in.
  • Step Three – It takes about a week for all bats to exit the home in question. After this takes place, we’ll take our exclusion devices down and repair the primary place of exit. Thorough as ever, the bat control experts at Wildlife Removal Service will make sure that all areas will be inspected to make sure that nothing has been compromised. We’ll also include a one-year warranty for peace of mind. We also offer warranties that extend beyond that time frame, so be sure to ask us about your options when the time comes.

One note about guano: if there are bat droppings found in the attic area of your home, the area will need to be cleaned and disinfected. It’s often the case that any affected insulation needs to be stripped and replaced as well. Of course, we are willing to do this for you, as we described above, but whether you have us do so our not, it’s very important to have this service performed in one way or another; bat guano can be hazardous to humans and needs to be addressed professionally.  

San Diego Bat Control Summary

  • Complete bat exclusion and prevention services
  • Humane bat eviction and bat control services
  • Complete attic cleanup, disinfecting, deodorizing
  • Complete attic restoration and insulation services

Whether you’ve got bird problems, bat problems, rat issues, or a raccoon nursery in your attic, Wildlife Removal Services started in 2008 with the idea that there is a better way to perform wildlife control. With our three-step approach to wildlife and pest removal, we have you covered with safe and effective methods. Contact us today for your free estimate!