Wildlife is great to observe, but it’s just that — wild. That being said, you want to be able to observe it from afar, not in your own backyard. Not only can wild animals carry diseases, but sometimes they can cause harm through poison, teeth, or claws. In today’s post, we’ll look at four tips you can follow to protect your home from a wildlife invasion.

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1. Secure Garbage Cans

When you take out the trash, it can be easy to forget that it poses a tempting treat for many wild animals. After all, it’s free food that they can simply go and take. Depending on the type of garbage can you have, make sure it closes securely so that nothing can get in. You also want to check to see if it is easy to open after being knocked over. Ideally, you could store your garbage cans in the garage to keep them safe from wildlife until trash day, but if that’s not an option, utilize heavy weights or rocks on top of the cans. You could also look for lid-securing devices to attach to your garbage cans.

2. Don’t Feed Wildlife

Sure, wild animals like raccoons and prairie dogs can look cute, especially when they’re young, but don’t be fooled into leaving food outside for them. Not only will this eventually make them dependent on humans for food, but it also teaches them that they don’t need to be cautious around humans. If you feed your pet outside, it’s a great idea to monitor them while they’re eating and then bring any uneaten food back inside once they’re done. If you observe racoons being active during the day, this is a warning sign, and you should contact Wildlife Removal Services immediately.

3. Protect Your Garden and Water Features

If you have a koi pond or another water feature with fish in it, then you’ll want to seriously consider installing an electric fence or other protective measures around the pond. Racoons absolutely love water foods like fish and crawdads, which makes your pond an open invitation to dinner. Gardens that provide you with delicious fruits and vegetables are also very appealing to wildlife as this is a great source of tasty food. You can set up a fence to protect your garden, make sure to pick up any overripe fruits and veggies, or build a raised garden.

4. Close off Entryways for Critters

That tiny crawl space that you thought nothing could fit through? It’s the perfect entrance for wildlife looking for shelter. Walk around your home to look for any tight spaces, gaps, or holes that could be an open invitation. Seal them up with caulk or mesh as appropriate for the area. Remember, wildlife, even animals as big as racoons, can fit through spaces that are just three to four inches in diameter.

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