Attic Restoration Services

Wherever critters make their home, they leave behind a mess. That’s why you need to follow up wildlife removal services with a good attic restoration and cleanup plan. All wildlife carry parasites such as fleas and ticks, and diseases like rabies, leptospirosis, and roundworm, just to name a few. Even leaving animal scat behind can be dangerous, as this is where many of the bacteria and diseases are found. When an animal leaves, its scent will remain and attract other wildlife. For example, rodents leave a pheromone scent that will attract other rodents.

After you have professional wildlife removal services, it is a good idea to have your attic cleaned. Wildlife Removal Services offers everything from a simple waste removal and disinfecting spray program to a full attic restoration and decontamination including insulation removal and replacement. A technician can inform you of any damage done and what type of attic cleanup services may be necessary.

Wildlife Removal Services offers complete attic restoration and cleanup. When animals enter your attic, they can cause damage, leaving behind feces and urine. After the animals have been removed, any damaged areas should be cleaned and disinfected, and any damaged insulation should be removed and replaced.

Contact our attic restoration team today to learn more about this important part of animal control.

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