A Coyote Roller Is The World’s Best Pet Protection System!

A Coyote Roller is the worlds best pet protection system! The Coyote Rollers are a patented ribbed roller that mounts to the top of your fence. When a coyote or other predator tries to jump your fence to attack your pets, it requires them to grab hold of the top of a fence. With Coyote Rollers in place, the animals will fall right off of your fence and will not be able to jump over.

Coyote Rollers have been installed in HUNDREDS of homes and businesses across America. They have been used to:

  • Protect family animals from predators
  • Keep animals in yards and kennels
  • Protect livestock
  • Protect chicken coops
  • Prevent birds from landing on edges of signs, billboards, and other areas (birds cannot land on them)

Coyote Roller Quality

Coyote Rollers are manufactured here in the USA and are of the upmost quality. They are manufactured to withstand the elements for a lifetime. The Coyote Roller is constructed of specially designed aluminum tubing, UV resistant polymeric materials, and stainless steel components. The system requires no power source, and needs practically no maintenance whatsoever.