1. The Dangers Birds Bring And The Importance of Professional Bird Control

    When most people think of pests, they probably think of mice, spiders, bees and other critters that you wouldn’t want to have lurking around your home or business. But what about birds? While these feathered friends seem harmless at first glance, in reality, they can be considered as much of a pes…Read More

  2. cliff swallow removal wildlife removal services san diego

    Cliff Swallow Biology

    Many people love birds. In fact, bird feeders seem to be very ubiquitous here in Orange County, San Diego, Temecula, and the surrounding areas. Watching birds is very soothing by nature, so when we attract them to our yards, we can get hours of pleasure enjoying watching them eat and soaking in thei…Read More

  3. San Diego Bird Control - Why We Are The Best

    San Diego Bird Control – Why We Are The Best

    “Had some birds in my bathroom vent. Wildlife Removal Services called me back in 5 min after I left a message and come out the next day. We thought we got all the birds out, but the next day I heard the sound again. Wildlife Removal Services came back the next day, and showed that they stand behin…Read More