Raccoon Control

Raccoon Control

raccoon-headerWildlife Removal Services can provide effective, professional raccoon control. If a raccoon is digging up your lawn, in your attic, in your Koi pond, or just being a nuisance. We can help.

Raccoons are common wildlife in San Diego. Raccoons are mainly a nocturnal animal, foraging at night, tipping over garbage cans, eating left over pet food. They are even known to enter through pet doors. Also causing major damage to lawns and gardens. Turning over sod and digging holes in the soil foraging for grubs and worms.

During Spring and summer. Raccoons in the Attic is a common problem. Mother raccoons are looking for safe places to give birth to there young. Regularly entering attics and crawlspaces. Raccoons can cause serious damage, ripping off shingles, fascia, and roof top vents. Once inside the attic, insulation may be torn up and displaced. Insulation on heating and cooling ducts may be ripped off and destroyed. Raccoons may also begin using an area of the attic for a latrine, and the ceiling beneath may become stained with urine, accompanied by a foul odor.

The raccoon roundworm, an infection spread to people by the accidental ingestion or inhalation of roundworm eggs from raccoon feces, has caused increased concern in recent years. Roundworm infection can cause serious disabilities, and young children are thought to be most susceptible. Raccoons are also carriers of rabies.

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At Wildlife Removal Services we offer complete raccoon control including :

  • Raccoon trapping and eviction
  • Secure repairs and exclusion
  • Proper cleanup and disinfecting services