Fox Control

Fox Control & Removal

fox-headerFoxes living on your property should not be taken lightly. Foxes can be dangerous and extremely aggressive, and mother foxes will defend there young if they feel threatened.

Where do foxes go?

Foxes will typically make dens under sheds,or outbuildings, under decks or any structure that would provide safe cover. Most fox control jobs we are called to the foxes are living under a structure that protrudes into a canyon. Even in urban areas with homes that are relatively close together foxes can thrive. Very aloof and cunning, foxes can travel neighborhoods and backyards without being seen.


fox-urbanShould I have the foxes removed?

Foxes can be very aggressive, and be a nuisance by burying there caught prey in shallow graves until they are ready to feed.  Mostly they are dangerous because of the diseases and parasites that can be harmful to your pets and family, including fleas, ticks, leptospirosis in urine contaminated soil, and foxes are known to be carriers of rabies.



fox-outsideFox Removal:

A technician from Wildlife Removal Services can walk you through the process of fox trapping, fox removal, or fox control. Along with Fox prevention, safe and effective fox exclusion, and cleanup of the denning area. Our technicians can professionally handle your fox problem.